Our PLANT-BASED MENU will give a new meaning to the deliciousness of vegetables
All our dishes are 100% plant based





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“All the dishes we serve are 100% vegan.
Enjoy our healthy and tasty food!”


Escape from everyday life by spending time immersed in nature

In Ryoke, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, where logistics warehouses abound there is an oasis.
This special corner welcomes you with a garden of 10000 square meters that leads to 1110 CAFE/BAKERY.
A variety of plants will welcome you to feel the change of the four seasons.
You can enjoy the view of an idyllic garden from the comfort of the cafe or you can delight yourself in the garden with our treats.
You can enjoy your time with us in your preferred style.




Nature・Body・Mind for improving the environment
A unique combination of ingredients makes our PLANT-BASED MENU that will satisfy even the finest palate.
You can enjoy freshly baked bread embracing nature in a garden immersed in the green.
You will have a completely new experience in our CAFE&BAKERY.

※PLANT BASED MENU is a menu obtained 100% from plants and is gentle to both the environment and the body,


1110 CAFE / BAKERY is located in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, which has a history as a “manufacturing town”. On the 10000m2 land owned by Oizumi Kojo, we will open our CAFE/BAKERY. Oizumi Kojo was founded in 1917 and has played a part in the foundry industry during the modernization of Japan. We have been evolving our business for over 100 years, following the trends of an ever-changing era. Now our business includes real estate, food and juice machine sales, as well as kombucha production and sales.

“Oizumi Kojo creates Smiles” is the belief of our company. 1110 CAFE/BAKERY was born to create a better environment by serving only plant-based dishes. Nature, Body and Mind are the tools that we need to use to fill the earth with smiles.

We are what we eat! So it is extremely important to know and select what we put in our bodies.
1110 CAFE/BAKERY is not only a café, but a place where you can learn about your body and the environment through food. You can think about how to improve and make the environment more beautiful. We are creating a place where each customer through three actions, “taste, enjoy and feel” can be delighted.

The ingredients used in 1110 CAFE/BAKERY are pesticide-free and organic, especially the vegetables that are fresh and grown in Japan. Organic vegetables are not only delicious, but they are also gentle to the body and earth. For bringing out the taste and deliciousness of the vegetables, we don’t simply wash them in water, but we rinse them in warm water and pickle them to give them a boost in umami. The vegetables are alive, and we used different cooking methods to enhance their flavors. In addition, we use the peels and other parts that cannot be used for cooking to make compost.

The bread baked in our store is 100% plant-based without containing any animal products (milk, eggs, lard) at all. Usually bread that is made without using animal fats are hard, but we use a special yeast extracted directly from flowers that allows us to make super soft bread by using exclusively plant-based ingredients.

We put extra care in dishwashing, because the used water flows into the sea and affects all sea life. If the sea is dirty, the food will also be affected – this is why we do our best to preserve clean water. For dishwashing we use natural detergents made from plants that are both gentle to the body and the earth.

The location of 1110 CAFE/BAKERY is one of its strong points. In front of the cafe, there is a garden immersed in green. In this space, far away from the city, you can forget about everyday life, become more creative, and feel something different and deeper than usual.

Taste, enjoy and feel. Through these actions, your visits will allow you to have a wonderful experience. Our mission will continue until the day the world is filled with smiles.


Nishikawa Hiroyasu
Shop Manager/Chef

My encounter with vegan food goes back to more than 10 years ago, when I served a vegan meal to Madonna at my previous work place. At the time, macrobiotic food wasn’t of my taste, honestly speaking, but it had the advantage of being very low in sugars and fats. In Japan many people still have the view about vegan food that I had over 10 years ago, but now, vegan food is seen as tasty and nutritious worldwide, and has lost the stigma that it once had.

All the dishes that we serve are plant-based and cooked freshly every day. We work hard with farmers to always have the tastiest and freshest vegetables, in order for our customers to eat the best possible dish every time. Please come and visit us.


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  • From SR Kawaguchi Motogo Station (川口元郷): take the bus at Bus Stop “Elsa Tower” (バス停留所「エルザタワー」), 12 minutes on the bus number “赤23” (赤23国際興業バス)
  • From JR Akabane Station: East Exit 12 minutes on the bus number “赤23” (赤23国際興業バス)
  • 13 minutes on the bus number “川21” (川21国際興業バス)
  • 3 minutes walk fom bus stop “Naginohashi” (バス停留所「椰木の橋」)


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